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Torah in Natures Classroom

The Yeshiva of Sussya is located a little more than halfway between Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva, in an area rich in Biblical history. Our students walk the paths taken by David when he escaped Saul and hike in the hills where the survivors of the Bar Kochba revolt resided.

From within the classroom and beyond, our students are taught to play a significant role in Israeli society. They understand and fulfill the mission of public leadership in our country and take part in the complex national challenges in the military, social, political, spiritual and educational arenas. They take the skills and values that they have acquired here with them: courage, modesty, devotion, gentleness, the ability to listen and determination.

They carry with them the spirit of their Beit Midrash in its broad-mindedness and love of the Creator and all His creatures. Our Beit Midrash graduates go on to Higher Yeshiva learning (Yeshivot Gevohot) and to pre-military yeshiva academies and then do meaningful military service in the IDFs most elite and challenging units.

We at Sussya appreciate your continued support and friendship TODAH RABAH!

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