Customer agreements

Customer agreements

The  parties agree that the Agreement (including this DPA), together with your use of the Subscription Service in accordance with the Agreement, constitute your complete Instructions to us in relation to the Processing of Personal Data, so long as you may provide additional instructions during the subscription term that are consistent with the Agreement, the nature and lawful use of the Subscription Service. (c) If Mezmo receives a Request, Mezmo will notify Customer of such request to enable the Customer to take necessary actions, to communicate directly with the relevant authority and to respond to the Request. If Mezmo is prohibited by law to notify the Customer of such request, Mezmo will make reasonable efforts to challenge such prohibition through judicial action or other means at Customer’s expense and, to the extent possible, will provide only the minimum amount of information necessary. Mezmo will not assess the contents of Customer Data in order to identify information subject to any specific legal requirements.


They provide expert advice on data protection issues and handle complaints lodged against violations of the General Data Protection Regulation and the relevant national laws. There is one in each EU Member State. If the processor plans to utilize sub-processors, a section outlining sub-contractual relationships is also necessary. The processor needs written consent from the controller to use sub-processors, which must ensure data protection and pass compliance verification regularly.

Data Processing Agreement

In the event that Zapier seeks to add any Subprocessors and update the Subprocessor List, Zapier will provide notice of such additions to you (which may be via email, a posting, or notification on an online portal for our services, or other reasonable means). Zapier will Process Personal Information solely as a Processor or Service Provider on your behalf and in accordance with the Agreement, this Addendum, and any other documented instructions from you (whether in written or electronic form), or as otherwise required by applicable law. Fulfillment of Data Subject Requests.

  • The agreement also defines what a processor can and cannot do with data.
  • The terms “Process”, “Processes” and “Processed” will be construed accordingly.

Webflow shall promptly notify Customer of any request it has received from a Data Subject. Webflow shall not respond to the request itself, unless authorized to do so by Customer. Webflow shall provide reasonable assistance to Customer in fulfilling its obligations to respond to Data Subject requests to exercise their rights under Data Protection Laws. (c) This paragraph does not apply to the following ancillary services, namely telecommunication services, postal or transport services, maintenance and user support tools.

Disclosure and Disclosure Requests

Smartsheet certifies that it understands and will comply with the obligations set forth in this the Net Developer job description Workable and the Agreement, including the restrictions on its Processing of Customer personal information. 5.1    Smartsheet will provide Customer access to Customer Personal Data via the online Services to allow Customer to respond to Data Subject requests relating to Customer Personal Data. This Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") is incorporated into and forms a part of the agreement between Smartsheet Inc. ("Smartsheet") and Customer that governs Customer’s access to and use of the online Services ("Agreement"). Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning given in the Agreement.

Webflow as a Processor. The Parties hereby agree that with regard to the processing of Customer Personal Information, Customer may act either as a Controller or Processor and Webflow is a Processor for all Customer Personal Information except for Customer Account Data as set forth in Section 2.2 (Webflow as a Controller of Customer Account Data). Webflow will process Customer Personal Information in accordance with Customer’s instructions as set forth in Section 3.1 (Instructions).

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