Alcoholic Musicians List of Musicians Who Died From Drinking

Alcoholic Musicians List of Musicians Who Died From Drinking

However, he regained consciousness after about seven hours and eventually recovered. Presley’s body was found in the bathroom of his mansion at Graceland on August 16, 1977. An ambulance took him to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was pronounced dead. During his life, he won three Grammy’s and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. John Bonham was an English musician best known for the being the drummer of Led Zeppelin. Lead vocalist of the Irish band The Cranberries died on January 15th, 2018, from drowning due to alcohol intoxication.

stars who died of alcoholism

Death due to drugs can also be the result of mixing prescribed medications with other drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, over-the-counter medications or even herbal supplements. Drug-drug interactions may also play a role in drug-related deaths. For example, the consumption of multiple central nervous system depressants, such as opioid pain killers, sedatives, hypnotics, or alcohol may lead to an unintentional overdose due to severely depressed breathing.

Celebrity Alcoholics Who Drank Themselves To Death

But Capote never published another significant work in his lifetime. When an individual chapter from the now legendary unfinished book was published in Esquire magazine in 1975, it proved to be social suicide. Truman Capote was ostracized from high society for revealing the dirty laundry of the rich. The following table outlines the death of notable celebrities and athletes who have had drugs or alcohol implicated in their deaths.

In an early 2011 issue of Rolling Stone, John is quoted as saying that Joel needed to check into “tough” rehab, and that alcoholism was getting in the way of his life and career. By 1971, doctors had advised him to stop touring because alcoholism and liver damage had greatly affected his health. On March 8, 1973, he was found dead at age 27 due to a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. In 2013, King opened up to The Guardianabout his former alcohol addiction, describing how he’s not ashamed actors who died of alcoholism of his past. He said, “There’s a thing in AA, something they read in a lot of meetings, “The Promises.” Most of those promises have come true in my life, We’ll come to know a new freedom and new happiness, that’s true. But it also says in there, “We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

Famous Female Recovering Alcoholics

While she was a talented singer, however, she was also a hardcore alcoholic (her drink of choice was gin and port wine). And in 1959, her lifestyle had caught up to her; she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. It wasn’t until 2009, when he was cast in Glee, that he rose to stardom. He also played supporting roles in the popular films The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Harry Potter and the Sorcerous Stone. He made several appearances as himself as well in the reality series Welcome to Sweden and The Surreal Life.

  • Our stated editorial mission – and sole bias – is to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources.
  • If only fame, talent, beauty, and wealth were effective armor against the onslaught of alcohol use disorder, imagine how many legendary celebrities would have had longer and more productive careers.
  • Aside from her fame as Princess Leia in “Star Wars”, Carrie Fisher was also well-known for her public statements about her health and addictions.
  • Former actor William Holden, whose golden years were during the 1950s, was a heavy drinker whose antics affected his professional and personal life.
  • This list of celebrities who died from alcoholism includes information like the victim's hometown and other biographical information when available.

Like Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald was a respected author and member of the “Lost Generation” of the 1920s. From The Great Gatsby to Tender Is The Night, Fitzgerald’s novels revealed the luxurious decadence of the Jazz Age. At the same time, he was one of the biggest drinkers during a notorious period of massive consumption. Later, during Prohibition, Fitzgerald’s extraordinarily heavy alcohol intake became the stuff of dark lore.

Richard Burton

The former First Lady of the United States became well-known for her public battle with alcoholism and addiction, which she openly discussed. Unlike many alcoholics and famous drug addicts of her time, she took the initiative by becoming a true advocate for the importance of seeking treatment. Alcoholism is a disease that affects people from all walks of life, regardless of their socioeconomic status, profession, or level of fame. Throughout history, many influential figures have struggled with addiction to alcohol, leading to personal and professional challenges.

  • Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter, is yet another one of the many celebrities who are recovering alcoholics.
  • American actress and producer, Christina Ricci has been very vocal about battles with both alcoholism and anorexia.
  • He ultimately played the role of the star quarterback for four seasons, up until his death.
  • It’s a part of who he is, and he’s been sober ever since his family intervention.
  • During the late ’60s and early ’70s, this English actor was one of the biggest box office draws in Britain.

Dolores O’Riordan was the lead singer for the alternative rock band the Cranberries. Known for her deep mezzo-soprano voice, she had released several albums with the group including No Need to Argue, To the Faithful Departed, and Bury the Hatcher, all of which topped multiple music charts. By the mid-90s, they had reached international Charles Kelley Shares Emotional Track as His Goodbye to Alcohol stardom with millions of record sales worldwide. Vincent Jackson was a professional football player who played in the NFL for 12 seasons. He retired in 2018 after having spent two years on reserve for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers due to a weak knee. In 2021, he was found dead in his home at the age of 38 with no clear cause of death.

Mickey Mantle

Born in Oakland, California, he grew up in Long Beach where he often joined his brothers in constructing plane models. He was later introduced to heavy metal music through his sister Mary, who was a fan of Black Sabbath. After a difficult childhood, she began singing in various nightclubs as a teen. Ultimately, it was there that she caught the attention of John Hammond, who liked her voice. She subsequently landed a recording deal with Brunswick Records in 1935. By the 1940s, she had recorded numerous hits, most of which had found their way onto music charts.

stars who died of alcoholism

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